Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stepping Up~Stepping Out!

I find this photo quite encouraging as life is particularly challenging at the moment. There are so many lessons that nature can teach us if we take the time to really look around. These trees for example- securely rooted to the spot and withstanding all seasons. How well rooted are we in our beliefs and outlook? For the first time in years I am studying this question in detail and know that we have to experience change in order to grow. This does not mark previous years as wasted; they simply were a different season containing lessons of value in other areas, but now is the time to consolidate life values and discover the best ways to make the most of time.

Coping with frustration can be particularly challenging and limited access to the internet is creating huge frustration for me as it interferes with previously good routines and the running of the blog. Frustration can impede motivation and once identified we need to find different resources to keep the fires burning! On that score there are a few new items to follow shortly here on Its Braap so I am anticipating being given better internet access~ keeping the focus!

What I love about the angle of this photo is that the branches are stretching towards the light- reaching for the stars; a great expression which is quite inspirational. How often do we reach for the stars? Metaphorically we could decide upon a star for the day and try to achieve it- maybe stick up a paper star with a daily target written on it, to be removed when achieved.

The one area I have significantly improved upon is spending more time outdoors amongst nature. Having a huge common at my back door there is plenty to observe and that time can be used to still the mind and reflect on the past or plan for the future. Dream building is a valid activity and spurs us forwards taking steps towards our desired futures.

That's enough thoughts for now as it is time to pop out and enjoy the rest of this glorious day... hope you are feeling the same!

Jaz McKenzie

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