ALIYAH'S EYES~ Poem for my Granddaughter- Jaz McKenzie

The birth of every baby is special, especially when you have waited the best part of 9 months for the child's arrival. Fortunately Aliyah was born only 3 days late and allowed home after a couple of nights. She is now gaining weight and doing very well, Aliyah is more-or-less the perfect baby and sleeps through the night if left! Not good for one so young however she will settle straight to sleep having been awakened for her night feeds.  I was very surprised by the way Aliyah looks directly into people's eyes with a curious stare, from the day she was born, and by the very peaceful, contented aura that surrounds her the majority of the time. Although it may sound strange she seems to be quite perceptive and tuned in- no I'm not just being fanciful! 

I think we are in for an interesting journey in the coming years and with a new life being a new start it is a great time for thanks and praise! 

Aliyah’s Eyes

Dedicated to my Granddaughter Aliyah Summer born 18th June 2014

Through cries of pain Aliyah was born
Headfirst into still warm water
Entering this world with a whoosh.
Thanks and praise for the safe arrival of
My first Granddaughter!

Face, the spitting image of Daddy
But with eyes of blue- almost grey
So we wonder, will they switch or stay?
Your Mother’s eyes change colour
A hundred times a day
Their intensity a reflection of her inner self

When they jabbed you in the heel Aliyah,
That first ever injection, vitamin K
You cried, then calmed
Staring hard into my eyes as if to say
Not, why? Rather I understand it has to be this way

You look so hard into peoples’ faces
Focused, not the usual hazy eyes of a newborn
And I can see intelligence awaiting
The emergence of your thinking mind
Whilst sub-consciously you adapt to new territory

Every little sound makes you jump-
Clanking and bangings of the hospital ward
Noise no longer absorbed in the bed of amniotic fluid
Cushioning you from every type of blow
Instead, reality, a direct assault on delicate ears

Peaceful baby, exuding an aura of your own
A sense of well-being surrounds you
I guess all is good in your world
For these are the perfect moments
Of wonderment and awe

Right now we are at the beginning
You have made it thus far with years ahead
A beautiful baby the most precious gift
Born a dependent, freedom within your grasp...
So with every tick of the clock I send you this blessing:

Aliyah, may your life be rich
Rich as the heat of a perfect summer
Filled with joy, peace and love
Be strong, wise and just
And may your gratitude know no bounds

Jaz McKenzie © 26/06/14