Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Emeterians - Woman

Yesterday ~IB~ reviewed the Emeterians latest album, 'Power Of Unity' which is an extremely rich roots Reggae album. To give you a taster we are sharing this song from 2010 which is typically expressive and a reggae anthem for women who appreciate their womanhood! Check the blog to read the review: Power of Unity Review
There are times when we look at life and decide to revise our standards and strengthen accordingly. This move can be very necessary to allow us the freedom to live our lives and is clearly expressed as you listen to this song.

The Emeterians are an established band who have toured a great deal and we are excited that they will be joining the Urban Delight Entertainment artists for their tour of Ghana this October. What a privilege to be able to hear these talented musicians first hand.

Jaz McKenzie

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