Thursday, 31 July 2014

eddy grant - gimme hope joanna~ IB~ Twinned with the Journey To Justice Campaign

Isn't it good to look at the success mankind has achieved in our life time? Some people, such as my friend Nazrana, who have first hand experience of demonstrating against the apartheid system in South Africa, always maintain hope. We all know that South Africa has experienced the freedom it sought to some extent... obviously many of the people still face trials and tribulations, prejudice etc as they do in so many countries around the world, but the most fundamental battle was won.


This song gives us hope, period. For that reason it is entitled to a place in our twinned Journey To Justice campaign songs. Soon ~IB~ will be speaking with people who are involved with this campaign and bringing you their views, their drive and desired outcomes.

They say where there's life there's hope but hope doesn't achieve on its own!! Hope has to be accompanied by a call to action and only then will we see results. Journey To Justice is calling you to action, so check the website link above and decide how to play your part.

Jaz McKenzie

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