Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

With Kate Bush clearly stamping her mark on the British pop music industry it seems appropriate to play the one song that is no longer within reach of her vocal expertise, Over thirty years since she last toured and all shows have sold out- that's a pretty phenomenal achievement and such a shame that some of her performance has been leaked on Youtube- well, Kate thinks so but I reckon fans who were unable to access tickets won't agree!

This song is truly iconic, the subject matter being original pretty wild. Wuthering Heights is a skillful piece of work and you can truly feel the atmosphere, conjuring up images of the bleak moors, backdrop to a literary romance. Kate looks totally ethereal  and is entrancing, the simplicity of the video working beautifully.

I think that it is really refreshing when a pop star remains true to their own style and especially when they succeed in keeping their private life private; maybe a sign of previous times and definitely something to cherish. Clearly Kate is still a huge hit and what a lovely experience for her fans who may well have expected Kate to continue as a recording artist.

Jaz McKenzie

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