Sunday, 28 September 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #23- How would you fare through the keyhole?

Recently I inadvertently sat through an episode of 'Through the Keyhole,' hosted by Keith Lemon. I found it really funny and have been watching the programme ever since. Keith Lemon cuts the right balance of outrageousness mixed with smut- just love his use of the word 'clueseys' as oppossed to clues. It is these little things that create personality!

Sometimes as I watch I think to myself- Really? Is this a celebrity home? I am surprised by the number of celebrity houses that are incredibly ordinary and by comparison, those that represent expensive show homes,barely looking lived in.

Last night Keith showed us around a home that had quite a stately air with very grand antique furniture- and surprisingly a very ordinary and somewhat boring bedroom!! It belonged to David Dickinson of 'Dickinson's Real Deal'- apparently his mahogany tan is real, being of Armenian descent- so now you know, he is the real deal!

 After the programme I started wondering what Keith Lemon might make of my little pad? Would he be able to work out what type of a person lived here? What are the 'clueseys' to my personality?

Here's a fun exercise for you:
Open your eyes, look around and ask yourself- how much of your personality have you injected into your home? You might need to consider family as oppossed to individual identity. A leading question for those in relationships, 'whose primary identity is visible or have you achieved an acceptable balance? This exercise might encourage you to consider how your relationship works; who is responsible for what? Is this the type of balance you have chosen or fallen into? What areas in your life might you wish to discuss and address? Environment tells us a great deal especially regarding the scales of give and take. If your partner owns an ugly old vase given to them by a well loved relative, how prepared are you to have it on display? Now that's a challenging thought!

How do you feel about injecting your personality into your surroundings? Do you hold back because you are in temporary accommodation or not feeling secure in your current position for any reason? If you are renting living accommodation and not allowed to decorate there are little ways to make a place your own, even on minimal cash. I love using expressive cards as these provide variety and are fun to look at. Cards can be framed or used exactly as they are, and if they have been given to you may include sentimental value. If you love expensive items, wait for sales, look for bargains or find cheaper alternatives.

Ultimately you need to be happy in your home whether it is a room or a castle; if not, why not? I have been through the 'dreading going home' phase and it is part of a downward emotional spiral, so if you feel like this please take steps to come to terms with and resolve the situation.

Your 'keyhole' leads to the private areas of your life, not just decor, and it is important to be comfortable with yourself in order to develop life to its fullest. Potential is the carrot dangling in front of all of us, but whether we can stretch out far enough to fulfill our intended destiny is very much a matter of constitution, determination and personal choice. I recommend that you take account of your surroundings and lifestyle, do the maths and reach the best conclusions!

Jaz McKenzie

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