Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Its Braap~Its Lyrically Challenging!!

' I've been down to the bottom of every bottle!'- 'How you remind me'- Nickleback

Having been through a challenging weekend I thought this little quote from a well known song should help us keep life in perspective. It serves as a reminder that however low we sink their is always a way back up and in terms of bottles the bottom is wide and the neck- narrow, so there's no easy way up!!

Attitude with determination is necessary for us to progress in life and in addition we must stay focused on our blessings, even if it's simply that we are able to get out of bed in the morning after all, what one person takes for granted another person would cherish. I always hold Peter Phillips AKA 'Wize-Dome The Lyricist' in high esteem as he moves with severe pain everyday, suffering from sickle cell anemia, and always remains positive and with a cheerful attitude.

Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation sort out the necessities from the non-urgent and keep your focus. Try to find some good in the situation and regard it as a temporary estate of affairs.

Lesson for life: Let's keep putting out the empties and moving on!!

Jaz McKenzie

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