Monday, 8 September 2014

Life can be amazing if you only believe!

Keep your eyes on the prize!! I am constantly amazed by the twists and turns experienced in life and cannot quite believe that the opportunity to host a radio show popped out of thin air- but was it thin air? Of course not- what we have in our heads appears in our lives when we truly believe in ourselves and I wanted to do more than just blogging. I love interviewing but whereas it's a slow old business conducting interviews and writing them up laboriously afterwards,Buffaloo Radio brings prompt results and is a great creative platform. Our first live interview today was with Frank Pitter (Symarip Pyramids- World famous Ska Band) during the second week of our show. With DJ Freestyles super sexy voice rolling out the jingles and Frank playing live sax on a Sunday I'd say we have got off to a terrific start. The introduction of less well known artists is going well and we even had a live link up with Michael Arkk to report on the Latin Heritage Carnival. This is only the beginning and we will gradually introduce more exciting ideas into the show. I think with live interviews lined up in the coming weeks the Chill Out Zone is going to be a show well worth tuning into on Sunday nights 6-8pm at and let's pay tribute to Lady Irie bringing us the Sunshine Vibes Show during the previous couple of hours. My advice- Join our station- it's free- spread the word and enjoy!!

Life can be amazing if you only believe
Take an idea, once conceived
Inhale, exhale, gently breathe
The elixir of life and carefully weave
Its magic through every strand
Each step you planned
Welcoming each surprise
As the veil gentle slips from your eyes
Revealing previously unattainable highs
Now clearly within reach
Your reward, success, success
as sweet as the juice of the ripest peach!

Jaz McKenzie ©

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