Saturday, 27 September 2014

Norah Jones, Come away with me + intro to Jazz artist Amaziah

Time to feature the sultry, sexy tones of very popular and highly successful Norah Jones; singer, songwriter and pianist. Norah won 8 grammy awards for her debut album, 'Come away with me,' released in 2002 which sold over 26million copies. Of course besides being naturally talented Norah is the daughter of Ravi Shankhar, virtuoso of the Sittar, so she clearly inherited first class musical genes! Fusion has become the 'in thing' musically and is something that Norah Jones does beautifully, primary focus being country/jazz & pop! The result is very relaxing and we will be including her music in The Chill Out Zone, BUFFALOO RADIO  Sundays, 6-8pm GMT.


Speaking of fusion, DJ Freestyle and I are looking forward to having Amaziah join us in the studio tomorrow to speak about her music and album release-'One Hello.' Amaziah has a very jazzy voice which she uses for her modern jazz songs and reggae cross-over. Amaziah writes most of her own songs and is very concerned with values, using considered lyrics. AMAZIAH MUSIC

I am very interested to discover Amaziah's musical background and motivation- Amaziah speaks of 'nourishing' her audience which provides an instant insight into the hidden depths of this classy artist. We would love you to join us and if you have any questions for Amaziah, tweet or call us~

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