Saturday, 13 September 2014


Challenges are great and I am pleased to be involved in a challenging new project: the creation of a brand new show on Buffaloo Radio which is a joint venture between Buff of Buffaloo radio and myself.

The ultimate aim is to create a station in our own style which is going to take time and some newly acquired expertise... yes this will come!

DJ Freestyle and I are pleased to announce this weeks guests. We will have Dancehall/Reggae artist Macini in the studio with us to speak about his music, recent videos and forthcoming EP. We have been featuring Macini's music and it is wonderful to have sharing his own thoughts and background to his work.
Flower from Wize-Dome's beautiful garden- perfection!

We will be starting a new feature- Be Braap-Be Inspired, an extension of the feature I have been running on here, whereby we can take inspiration to a new level. Health permitting, we will be speaking with Phillip Peter's, AKA Wize-Dome the Lyricist, who will tell us what it's like living with a serious disease and most importantly, how he manages to stay positive. This should help the majority of us to be thankful for our good health and inspire the less fortunate to seek ways of encouraging themselves wherever possible. Wize-Dome is a sickle cell warrior who has managed to live with this disease most of his life and definitely doesn't grumble.
Wize-Dome... get to understand this week on

If you have any questions for Macini or Wizedome you may email them in advance to 

Do you have an interesting or inspirational story? If so, please contact us on the above email.

Artist who would like their music considered for our playlist can send MP3's to: stating NAME, GENRE, TRACK TITLES in the email header. MP'3s must be clearly labelled with the artists name & track title. If you are successful we will reply to you. Please note that we only play clean music and are non-political.

Looking forward to an exciting & successful show so be a part of it!!!

Jaz McKenzie

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