Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Lion or the Tortoise- A poem of choice by Jaz McKenzie

How do you move through life? Do you listen to your inner voice? Do you take calculated risks – wild risks or avoid risky decisions?  We all need adrenaline to feel alive but there is safe fear... doing a ‘Sound of Music’ and running across the hills enjoying nature; which gives great positive vibrations or maybe feeling adrenaline from watching scary movies or  possibly the adrenaline resulting from taking risks. The bigger a risk the more fulfillment can be gained when you come out on top, and compulsive risk takers know how to cope with ‘failure’ie: recognising it as a series of pointers. Take away the ‘how nots’ and you’re left with a recipe for success. 

You make choices everyday and sometimes they seem crazy but crazy is fun, otherwise why would a bunch of celebrities go on Big Brother or take part in Strictly? It's not all about the money!

Question: If you put the lion with the tortoise what would happen?
Maybe, and possibly against the odds, the lion would ignore the tortoise because he’s too small and insignificant to be of any interest to the lion- just a thought!

The Lion or the Tortoise?

You can live life like a lion
Alive in the jungle
Stalking through the long grass
Prey in sight, anticipation
Moving closer- ready to pounce
Suddenly in full flight
Sinking your teeth deep
Enjoying the moment of capture
Hunger abated
Adrenaline pumping
Heart beating wildly
Every inch alive
Embracing the determination to survive


You can live like a tortoise
Making steady progress step by step
Slowly uncurling from within your shell
Neck stretched, head high
Eyes bright- sniffing the air
Occasional mouthful of juicy grass
Chomp, salivate, swallow
Until you withdraw into your shell
Timidity- fright?

And so my friend, the final question- what noise does a tortoise make?


Jaz McKenzie © 2014

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