Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Five Minute Miracle - Daily Guided Meditation

This is a very different type of meditation to the ones I have become used to it. It is more a way of processing thoughts towards a clear direction with the intention of  creating the life you really desire, so acts as a good reminder or introduction to mind modelling. The key to meditation for me is being quiet and comfortable- you really don't have to assume strange positions or be able to totally empty your mind, but you do need to try and quieten the inner chatter!

The purpose of having your feet on the floor is to remain grounded, and if you wish to be even more grounded you can meditate whilst holding a crystal that works with your root chakras (energy centres) - I have a nice large desert rose crystal, similar to the one pictured below, however you can go to a crystal shop or look online to find out more if this interests you.

Meditation is something I thought I could never do but, as with most things, it is a matter of practice. I find short periods of no more than 20 minutes are helpful as long periods tend to over-activate my mind and can open it to negative thoughts creating stress! These are the deep meditations that incorporate all sorts of waves affecting your brain. How we feel depends very much upon the type of meditation, our mood and situation. As with all things we need to experiment to see what suits us most and what suited us a month ago may not suit us today as we need different things at different times in our lives.

This particular meditation is very light and personal so why not give it a go!

Jaz McKenzie

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