HOW TO FEEL GOOD!-Flowers & emotions

Just thought we'd start a new series of little things we can do to uplift ourselves & gain the feel good factor. Wherever we are emotionally in the spectrum of life there is always a little something we can do to cheer ourselves up or, if we are in a good place, to maintain our position and aim to encourage other people.
Halloween Bouquet

The first thought I'm going to share is very simple- Flowers! I try to buy flowers regularly and they are very cheap in some stores- my Halloween bouquet was only £3. If you have a garden you will be able to cultivate your blooms and have a wider selection to choose from and may enjoy planning for the whole year- gardening comes highly recommended being an outdoor activity that is healthy, creative and rewarding!

Choose your flowers carefully; the more buds they have as oppossed to open flowers, the better as they will last longer. If the bunches looks sad- leave them and try again tomorrow! Scent is important too so if a scent attracts you, buy the bunch. Great scents enhance good emotions hence a healthy market for perfume and all scent related products- smell good~feel great! 

When you bring your flowers home cut the ends off and if plant food is provided, use it. I have been told that adding a little sugar to the water is a good alternative and ready mixed plant food is good for floral foam (green for fresh flowers & to saturate properly soak it in a bowl before use for half a minute- there's lots of advice about this type of flower arranging!) It is good to have a choice of vases and you can experiment over time by arranging flowers in different ways including cutting the stems to achieve height differentiation. Bear in mind that flowers are delicate and should not be over handled! Remember to strip off the lower leaves as they become slimy and colour the water- keep an eye on the water level and top up or change as needed-sometimes I take a little more off the stems at this point and do throw away any 'sad' flowers!

November is a yellow month in angelic terms so including a few yellow flowers is a good move and if you like crystals you could stand your vase on a mat and make them more of a focal point by artistically arranging a few crystals close by. It is said that flowers significantly increase the power of Chrysanthemum stones, a very grounding crystal that strengthens your base chakras- I'm not an authority on crystals or flower arranging however research is good and practice, even better!

So enjoy your flowers in your home, garden and beyond!

Jaz McKenzie