Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dear Brappers!! ~ wherever did the blogs go?

Dear Brappers~ A quick explanation for the break in service!

Having worked flat out on the internet for several years, service has been affected for the past 3 weeks as I have been smitten by a virus that has affected my ability to literally focus on a screen- eyes have suffered badly; however through applying determination I was blessed to soldier through a couple of radio shows to bring The Chill Out Zone (buffalooradio) on Sunday evenings as usual- because it is important to support colleagues and not disappoint our listeners.

Sometimes the inability to do things can make us feel so weak mentally leaving you annoyed with yourself for being unproductive, That is exactly how I felt but at the same time, I have been listening to more talks on Youtube and one of the main points is to relax when your body tells you, so I'll let go of guilt and presume that I'll be fighting fit shortly- still a few more days of medication to go hallelujah!

Even when we are under the weather it it's important to maintain a positive spirit so that healing can take place even if progress is slower than we would like. The body becomes ill for a reason and in my case I haven't had a proper break since 2004- quite some time ago! Illness can also act as a reminder that we need to focus more on our own needs rather than other people's and provides an opportunity to reflect on life in general, giving thanks that we are still in a position to encourage others. like everything else we need to accept illness as a part of the plan and give thanks for all the good things around us- i certainly know who is concerned enough to phone and find out how I am- quite an aya opener!!

Jaz Mckenzie

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