There are many good artists in this world who really deserve support and Shisco BoB is one of them. The Mau Mau Bar- 265 Portebello Road will be hosting Shishco BoB's debut single release party for the track Father Mi Love You. It's a very strong song which I have seen performed live several times by Shishco BoB and 13K- strongly recommend you get a copy!

Tonight's event has been organised by Urban Delight Entertainments and will be bringing you an exciting evening of music and in addition includes comedian Jnr Booker and legendary DJ Festus Coxanne. Musically the night will be ablaze with fresh young talent hotting up the room with beats from Dancehall, Drum and Bass, R&B. There will be different styles of Rap music and even an Indie Band - Kribber, whose music is very fresh and chart worthy. Performers include: Joy Olamide, Zeena Banks and Scarlett Hill- pretty fierce singers who know how to strut their stuff! Echa Elle brings a touch of sweetness with her pure voice as does Dennis LLoyd with his gorgeous Reggae songs. Spicing it up a bit are J2G and Saint Paul and of course DJ Macky will be turning up the heat till closing time.

Show starts at 9pm and if you're late- tough- main acts do not rewind! Definitely the place to be tonight and all this is for just a fiver!!

Jaz McKenzie