Saturday, 17 January 2015

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes for Real People! Michael Arkk

Develop to Achieve... you can’t get there without development because you weren’t born with it! ~ Michael Arkk

This saying of Michael’s is very straightforward and a twist on the more usual, ‘believe to achieve.’ Basically, if we don’t make an effort to develop ourselves we go nowhere- just think for a second about the learning babies and children go through. With a little encouragement they make great strides to learn new skills and generally enjoy doing it. They are also persistent; how many times do babies keep falling over before they finally learn to walk? And before that they often experience the frustration of crawling backwards in order to move forwards!

We really need to go back to our human roots and appreciate that lesson. Life has a habit of repeating itself so we need to strive to develop and achieve- if we seem to go nowhere fast, or regress, we must appreciate that it’s just part of the process and we should give thanks for those little plateaus and regressions which enable us to mentally re-group before making fresh attempts to push forwards! So, just keep setting your targets, make the most of new learning opportunities to stretch yourself and you will achieve whilst benefitting from a far more satisfying life.

The Be Braap~Be Inspired feature has been running for a very long time on Its Braap and since I work as a presenter and more for Buffaloo Radio, I decided that this would be a great feature to include in The Chill Out Zone- Sunday nights from 6-8pm GMT.

Michael Arkk, Reggae/Gospel singer, was a featured artist on Buffaloo Radio last year and is a strong supporter, updating us with his musical moves which includes planning the Heritage of Ska Festival- more information to follow at a later date. The above phrase is Michael’s real quote and if you would like to supply your favourite saying please call the Buffaloo Radio hotline 07453 826 450 during the show or send to

Jaz McKenzie

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