Sunday, 4 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Week 1: Intro to our 2015 Blogathon

For the first time, last year I didn’t complete the Blogathon. I could have considered this a poor effort however have learned not to criticise myself, and instead practice taking a reasoned approach. I have arrived at the conclusion that 2014 was a challenging year for the majority of us and we have all learned many valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important lesson I learnt is to, ‘go with the flow.’ I will speak more about this in the first article of the new Blogathon.

Initially I was going to continue with ‘Have Questions?~Have Answers!!!’ however, I was given a new topic this morning and will run with that as it is a New Year filled with inspiration.  Importantly, 'HQHA' can be added to gradually until all 52 instalments are complete- or simply be cut short!

Our 2015 Blogathon, ‘Give Thanks~Feel Joyful’ is focused around a very important subject, gratitude. When we give thanks we raise our mood, our vibration, and the more things we can be thankful for the better we feel. Our ideal goal is to attain a continually joyful state therefore we should do our best to avoid negativity, worry and seriously stressful situations. Obviously life is designed to challenge every emotion and puts us in places of discomfort and pain, encouraging our ability to find solutions and grow. Let’s just consider the major blessing of all severely challenging situations including the evil in this world- Through experiencing such things we come to know and appreciate the good things in life including our values, hopes and dreams. We need highs to appreciate lows otherwise life would be like a long stretch of motorway- YAWN! So to start you off, just think- if you are reading this you have access to a computer and that’s a blessing!

A point for consideration: We are born with a right to love and happiness with the majority of us in a position to create our own futures. Yes, some people are born into severe hardship and we don’t have all the answers, but if the ‘haves’ used their mental powers for good the lives of the ‘have-nots’ could be significantly improved. So why focus on being thankful? Before you can change anything in this world you need the right mindset, and gratitude is the foundation for change.

Jaz McKenzie

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