Monday, 26 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful Wk 4- For being Alive!


We all have a Birthday. That’s a fact and as we grow up we take our Birthday’s for-granted; a sense of immortality seems to be the privilege of youth! We are alive and real joy comes from a deep appreciation of life itself otherwise we simply subside into existence or worse still, depression.
Giving thanks for being alive is an acknowledgement that we are here for a multitude of reasons. We can tune in to the world around, using our senses to take on board everyday and exotic experiences. Life is purpose- without purpose there is no point to life.

·         Think about your day and gives thanks for at least one thing... this usually leads to a string of    thankfulness
·         What new ideas have you had today?
·         Have you progressed in any areas?
·         What excited you/ brought you joy?
·         Take action~ jot your ideas down and send them prayers & energy!

It can be easy to slip into routines and lose our personal vision. I remember doing this when the children were young- living a day at a time and crashing into bed at early O’clock pretty much exhausted. When you have small children you really need to focus on your own identity and not allow it to slip away. Me time is alive time!

The fun in life is working out its twists and turns. Plan for the future and then enjoy the route. Life may follow the course you imagined, however sometimes it’s far more exciting when it goes off at a tangent. This is why gut instinct plays such an important role and can bring experiences to us that we were previously unable to conceive. Most winners of the X Factor did not expect to win, yet through following their gut instinct changed their lives in an exciting way. Likewise, you need to take every opportunity life brings to enhance your sense of ‘being alive.’

To be really alive we need to appreciate our talents. Through using our talents we create opportunities to enrich every single day if we so choose. You will already know that life may seem at times to be compartmentalised but that should not be the case. When everything works well together we will feel alive. Happy, healthy relationships are stimulating and inner peace- invaluable, so we must create a flow that ripples throughout everything we do.

Sometimes disharmony or even tragedy arrive in our lives to WAKE US UP! When life runs smoothly for a long time we can lose focus and let down our spiritual guard. If you find yourself coasting through life for too long beware! Your mind can become lazy and mentally you dose off. When you think about it, even if you are subjected to ten years of suffering it is still a relatively small period were you to reach eighty. After all, consider Nelson Mandela who showed us how to maintain hope in bleak circumstances and emerge triumphant. 

My personal opinion is that we are designed to run on low wattage now and again which dampens creative output physically, mentally and/or spiritually. The point is that we pick ourselves up when the time is right and strive to live on all cylinders once again. Nature recognises the need for hibernation and the Butterfly epitomises all life cycles. From time to time we need that period in our own chrysalis to reinvent ourselves. We need to digest information, find solutions, adapt and improve upon our very beings periodically to maintain tip top performance and enjoyment of life itself.

We fly high on natural energy and the more in control we are of our lives the more we will enjoy them. Look after yourself and live your life. That way you will improve your quality of life and everyone else’s. See  It's All About The 'I'  to understand why we need to put ourselves first.  

Jaz McKenzie

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