Sunday, 11 January 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK2- Give thanks for Gut Instinct

Give thanks for Gut Instinct.

I am so happy that I am now focusing in a pro-active way on my gut instinct. Gut instinct is something that helps you to accept life exactly as it and to make the most of opportunities. Through the past year I have been practising tuning in to myself and the results have been extremely good. For example, I have met some great people, especially within the Urban Delight Entertainment team thanks to Macky McPherson and through this experience have learnt a great deal about myself and ways of coping with various challenges that would probably have had a smothering affect previously. In addition, the UDE team enjoyed some great evenings filled with energy and brilliant vibes- not to mention the singing!

Having mentioned the ups, here’s a down where instinct kicked in towards the end of the year. Having been ill and exhausted for most of November & December I had to slow down- there was absolutely no other choice as my body had zero energy after even the slightest little excersion. Initially I felt despairing however when studying spiritual teachings was constantly given the message to tune in to my body and rest. During those quieter periods I spent more time listening to talks and reading; aspects of leisure that had previously been squashed into my busy day. The most important aspect of life I have come to realise, besides the need for relaxation, is the importance of becoming in-tune with oneself.

Gut instinct is actually quite wide embracing our thoughts, feelings, opinions, actions. One of the most fundamental elements is creating greater awareness of your gut instinct ie: the little intuitive voice that speaks from within. Your gut instinct is your best friend, or would be if allowed! Very often it appears as a quick thought bursting like a bubble in your mind, eg: ‘this guy/girl is not going to be good for me.’ That instinctive reaction will probably prove right but how many times do we start to reason with ourselves because there is something about that person which attracts us? The same applies to situations. You may be invited to an event and inside your head think, ‘that’s not for me,’ however you allow people to talk you into going along, later wishing you hadn’t. This is not to be confused with your personal gremlins- areas needing encouragement to be overcome; if you’re too isolated then going out occasionally may well be a good thing. The general rule to follow is, ‘if your instinct is strongly against something there is a good reason so listen to it.’ How many times do we repeat mistakes instead of learning from them? If you have a little warning bell ringing, open your eyes and look for the signs your subconscious has already tuned in to.

Gut instinct can also be very positive and give you the let’s do it signal; excitement at the thought of a new project, a feeling telling you to take a risk that appears ridiculous when you calculate all the factors. Sometimes we do well to jump in without stopping to think! At the end of August I suddenly found myself involved in internet Radio. It was the result of one thing leading to another, so when Buffaloo was discussing his radio station I became enthusiastic and found myself taking on the role of presenter- and more besides. We created a show name, ‘The Chill Out Zone’ and have developed it as we go along! My instinct is telling me to work a daaaaam sight harder on this project and take it up a few levels by the end of this year.

Gut instinct is your beacon that will guide you through choppy waters or sail you across calm seas to your own paradise island! Do not underestimate your instincts as they will serve you well and ultimately prove that you are your own best friend! When life goes well we are able to be joyful and sometimes are in awe of the wonderful of opportunities that come our way and also we can be happy and proud of personal achievements 

Jaz McKenzie

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