Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Love Dancehall~Love MACINI- You Know He's BRAAP!

Dancehall artist Macini blazed his way through 2014 and is set to create an even bigger stir this year. No exclamations, just plain facts. Having worked hard on his music and brought us great tunes including, 'Wen Mi Step Out,' featured on this blog, the year soon gathered pace.

Macini came along to Buffaloo Radio last September and joined our show The Chill Out Zone- Sunday Nights 6-8pm. DJ Freestyle and I had a great time interviewing Macini and finding out about his journey so far- equally importantly his ambitious nature shone through and we were thrilled when he was invited to Gambia. Once there, Macini showed his talents to the full and was invited to make a special guest appearance at the National Stadium to entertain an audience of 40K and was a guest on many radio shows.

Macini returned to the UK after Christmas and spoke 'live on air' with Buffaloo Radio last week. His tour was a roaring success and the Gambians are in love with his latest release, 'Man A General.' I believe this title sums Macini up beautifully as he has created a stylized image and knows exactly how to work his trade. The above logo speaks clearly of his intent and determination. Macini will be performing overseas again this year, already booked for shows in Germany and Jamaica. - at this rate it will soon be time for me to update his bio!

Jaz McKenzie

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