Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time isn't the master~ YOU ARE!


I decided we'd have a change from writing about New Year's resolutions; partly because we have covered the subject before and partly because I started mine in December simply because it seemed the right thing to do; although I may add a few as time goes by.

So here we are once again facing a blank or even partly filled canvas referred to as the New Year, and for most of us it is a refreshingly exciting time. Time is a word that we use relentlessly throughout our lives and often we are under the illusion that time is limited and we have no control over it. Agreed we cannot control time but we are in a position to make the most of it. This does not mean that we need to be working 24/7, what we need is to make time work for us and when you get your focus right time seems to increase rather than decrease.

There are many ways to improve your life which require focus not time. One of the hardest yet most beneficial changes you can make is to focus on your personal character weaknesses, very often regarding our attitude towards others, and start to work on that. Thinking before we speak can save a great deal of time because good communication is effective communication whether in business or on a personal level. We can be kinder people by considering how we speak, and very often what we do not say can help us avoid sorry situations. No one can avoid making the occasional unwelcome remark about others but if you know people who constantly knock people or are general negative you would be well advised to stay away and definitely avoid being drawn into unpleasant conversations. On a similar note, maintain an attitude of understanding and forgiveness towards others as it uses too much energy harbouring grudges, anger, guilt and blame; in fact, you may need to forgive yourself first so that you can get on with living your life.

Another way to master your time is by prioritising and planning- yes we do need goals and deadlines if we wish to achieve our aims, and try putting effort into the things you dislike doing- it's very rewarding. Review as you go and make sure you have a support network even if it's only one or two people who are willing to encourage you and help you when you're feeling discouraged.

How much of your time is your own? I'm not referring to every day tasks but do you make sure you reserve a little time for yourself just to read, relax or chill out? Some people spend huge amounts of time doing things for others at their own expense. Yes we need to 'give back' but not indiscriminately. It is good to donate your time to helping the less fortunate and applying your skills where they are genuinely needed but if you're always' just doing things' for others how can you apply yourself properly to your own commitments? And if you are doing things out of the goodness of your heart ask yourself, why? What are you gaining by helping, could these people pay you or are they simply taking advantage and would they be prepared to go the extra mile for you or is it a one-way street? Whatever you do in life you should ask yourself why you're doing it. That is a great method of ensuring you use your time well and don't drizzle it away. You do need to rest and relax, laugh, have fun and take time to appreciate life.

This is a New Year and we always start out with great plans and good intentions yet we do not know what challenges or changes will come. We do not know who will travel the year with us and who may be taken from us through natural means, presumably to a better existence, who will simply drift away or who might make a dramatic exit. Whatever is in-store, live one day at a time, stick to the plan as far as possible and make time to give thanks, pray, meditate and do what you enjoy. Life is meant to be fun and how boring life would be without challenges, so make the most of every experience and step out in faith.

Jaz McKenzie

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