Friday, 9 January 2015

Year In-Year Out~Jaz McKenzie Poem & a few thoughts!

I wrote this poem last week while the New Year was totally fresh. Barely caught a glimpse of fireworks yet they create the greatest sense of expectation within us. We feel elated when watching huge firework displays and we feel a great sense of awe at such beauty that is beyond our remit.
The point about our lives is that we are born with great potential and ideally should be creating the life we want to reach fulfilment. This involves constantly using and extending our skills; having a flow of ideas to help us achieve objectives including those that may appear far-fetched.

Important:  make time to prepare well defined planned with fixed goals and objectives and take baby steps or huge leaps as we move through the year a month at a time. There are always people around who have the skills you need and if your focus and expectations are clear they will appear like magic!

Year In- Year Out
The New Year beginning with chimes and fireworks
Staggered global celebration welcoming change
Time to renew hope in the face of adversity
For human kind is and was and ever will be
And whilst we ring the changes spare a thought
For the person you are and who you could be.
The key to success is an internal key
Grasp it and turn using integrity

Take time to reflect on your annual journey
Embracing equally highs and the lows
Joy and laughter a true celebration
Challenges, catalysts for motivation
And tears a release to soothe the soul

Anticipation now racing through our veins
Land of opportunity where all hope reigns
Leave behind your loses and strive for gains

Year in Year Out is here again!

Jaz McKenzie © 2015

This poem is written in a specific format- the lines decreasing systematically from 7 to 1. For some reason I haven’t really identified this is important because it came to me as I was writing- I’ll leave that one with you but here’s a thought; 7 is my birth number so when speaking of beginnings it could be relevant & maybe 1 is the universe we return to, our lives becoming more focused as less cluttered as we age- who knows!

Note for those who are struggling with loss

We wish to feel energised and happy at the beginning of the year, ideally every day, but sadly it’s impossible for everyone to feel that way. If you are exhausted, mentally or emotionally off-key the best you can do is focus on whatever makes you feel better. The New Year can be particularly challenging and upsetting for people who have experienced bereavement and for the first time are starting a year without someone who may have played an enormous role in their lives. Confidence may dwindle and fear, raise its head. Your attitude helps determines how well you cope. Time helps you to adjust as do good friends, possibly counselling or even listening to people like Louise Hay, whose words comfort and inspire. Having others to relate to who are empathetic will probably help you to find coping strategies. Faith in God or the universe is especially good, remember, we all have a Guardian angel watching over us who we can communicate with. If you are of a mind you can ask for help every day, especially with regard to acceptance of your loss and any specific challenges. It is a strange feeling when our circumstances change but we are never truly alone and that is a comfort in itself.~ Sending you love, blessings and encouragement- everything will be good with time~ Jaz


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