Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New Bounce & T-Pain Kickstarter Campaign 2015 - DO IT, DWEET, DO IT!!!

Love young talent? Now you have an opportunity to actively support  these young guys and help them to achieve their dream. You can tell from the video just how talented they are and this really is an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference to four young lives. Being the music industry, it costs a fortune to forge ahead and is very hard to break into, as all of the artists I have featured on this blog or with DJ Freestyle in The Chill Out Zone, Buffaloo Radio, will tell you.

The last youngsters we supported here on Its Braap were Gladesmore Community School pupils with their highly inventive Everybody Dreams Campaign, supported by Wayne Marshall of G-Spot Fame and Dave Stewart, Eurythmics. The song caused a real stir and I wrote many articles covering their journey- enter 'Everybody Dreams' in search for this amazing project. Everybody Dreams was launched a year after the Tottenham Riots and brought to my attention by Mark Galloway- promoter, events manager and founder of 'Streetology.'  Everybody Dreams Video This song did extremely well and entered the UK charts in summer 2012. I met the children involved on a couple of occasions and they were so excited to be given the opportunity of a lifetime, even devoting their holiday to group appearances!

New Bounce, who bagged Simon Cowell's approval when they appeared in Britains Got Talent, are aiming for global recognition- and with the UK definitely ahead of the world in the Boyband department, should be able to achieve this with a Kickstart!. All you really have to do is donate as much as you can and keep sharing this video- SIMPLES- even a Meerkat could do that!

Jaz McKenzie

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