Saturday, 21 February 2015

Phil Watkis - Broken Promises (Official Video)

When leaders lack vision nations will perish, states Phil Watkis, roots & culture artist, So much truth in these few words, indeed in the entire song/video. Life is full of broken promises and shattered dreams, The sad thing is that there hasn't been any significant change across the globe hence the need to keep highlighting world issues and in this case the plight of the poor in Jamaica. Phil's video is highly poignant and the truth is painful- little shanty towns are heartbreaking and corruption widespread. Phil has a way of presenting this whole subject in a current and highly significant way, bringing the subject to our full attention.

The calibre of Phil's work is such that he deserves serious recognition as a contemporary artist whose finger is on the pulse of life as well as the musical beat.

Jaz McKenzie

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