When your boat rocks....

... Hold onto your seat and keep the faith!

Today was going amazingly well when suddenly I opened an Email that contained the 'shock' factor- from my solicitor. My mind began reeling and that horrible feeling of fear and inadequacy swept across me. In a way it makes no sense. We have to go through certain procedures and solicitors are there to 'help' us, having the skills and knowledge that we generally lack. That doesn't prevent the immediate ostrich attack where I'd rather bury my head and wish it would resolve itself.

The point is that when the boat rocks we need to grab a good handful of inner courage and hold on tight. The sea does become choppy from time to time but when we have faith, the boat might bounce around in the waves however it will not overturn. Eventually everything will calm down and we can return to dry land.

During these time we need to reassure ourselves that we are in control and shift our focus onto something else. I phoned a friend, emailed a reply and am now writing this as a form of therapy!  My Motto-Always try to use challenging experiences to encourage others.

Next move, create a plan- quick shower, dinner, TV and print off some of my poems to start organising my first book. You see, whenever a negative attacks we need to regroup our minds quickly and overcome the worry with positive actions which generate positive thoughts. Once we do this the original problem appears to ease up and step-by-step, works itself out. Now I feel considerably better although none of the facts have changed. The result is:
If you measure my mood on the buoyancy scale I have gone from swallowing mouthfuls of water to swimming with calm, even strokes within half an hour- not bad!

I will be popping into the solicitors Monday and will be in a calm, controlled state of mind- might come away feeling empowered- who knows!

Jaz McKenzie


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