Deepak Chopra - maximizing positive outcomes

If you like deep thinking and enhancing your understanding of the universe, Deepak Chopra will trigger your 'little grey cells,' as Poirot would say. When you listen to established speakers of high intellect the best aim is to take away a couple of points to meditate upon and allow the rest to ride. Generally we maintain the mind of a child- we take what we need naturally which enables us to grow.

I think it's very interesting to hear ideas presented in different ways and as we learn new knowledge our minds expand to encompass further ideas. As people have a different way of expressing themselves we will always be able to come across a good explanation for our questions along the line. 

Personally I have learnt so much in the past couple of years and find living far easier despite the challenges faced on a daily basis. It is best to keep a positive focus and I liked the title of this video- I will say that it actually quite complex and certainly made me think outside the box in places- goodie I might win that lottery without a ticket if the fates allow!

Jaz Mckenzie