Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 13- Our Hearts


Hearts are incredible organs, the heart symbol itself having become very dominant within society- suffice it to say we love our hearts! Hearts can be seen on posters, in greeting cards and graffiti, and have been sketched or etched into trees and school desks for what seems like an eternity. The feeling of love and being in love is one of the highest experiences we humans can rejoice in. 

But how did the use of hearts come about? According to the Wikipedia, a manuscript from the mid 13th Century contains a picture of a lover handing over his heart, and we all know how light our hearts can feel when we are in love! Use of the actual heart shape developed towards the end of the middle ages, so next time you see one of the millions of red hearts around today you can regard it as the progression of a symbol steeped in history!

When we are in love or feel well loved usually everything seems right in our world. When something physically goes wrong with our hearts it can help strengthen good family bonds. These days there are many medical techniques that can be used to help people recover from heart conditions and live a normal life. When people become ill there are very real choices to be made. I had a friend many years ago who suffered with a fatal heart condition. She actively chose to decline the option of having a heart transplant and subsequently died because she preferred to' keep the heart God had blessed her with.' Nobody challenged her decision, despite being recently engaged, because respect for a person’s wishes is paramount. Her name was Joy, her personality was rich and joyful, her decision was right and there were no guarantees that a transplant would have been successful. We have spoken about following our gut instinct before and deciding upon the best option for medical purposes is very emotional and can be extremely frightening, so anyone facing such choices needs to ask for guidance, pray and listen to their inner voice.

Our hearts are one of the things that we so often take for granted. It is only when something goes wrong that we truly pay it any mind. This can refer to our physical heart functions; the constant beating that signifies we are alive and also the emotional states attributed to our heart from love and stress. The life conditions and emotions we experience can have very real effects upon our bodies, the mental approach we take towards each situation encountered from personal relationships to financial challenges being of great importance as mental perception contributes to our physical health.

We speak about heartache, often in a very dramatic way, with emotional heartache taking quite a toll on our bodies. Heartache can cause loss of sleep, weight loss through anxiety and occasionally even lead to depression. Hearts will keep on beating whilst we face stress however they can be physically affected and sometimes cause us to develop high blood pressure or chest pains as a result.

When we enjoy life we speak about putting our heart and soul into projects. This refers to both enjoyment and desire, the intention to do the best we can and achieve. In order to care for our hearts we need to listen to our bodies because if we push too hard the effects upon the heart can be fatal. To avoid heart attacks we need to take a balanced approach to life. Look after your heart. Eat well, exercise, get plenty of rest and above all enjoy life.

Thought: Love and you will be loved. That is the key to having a good heart!

Jaz Mckenzie