Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK12 - Give thanks for Opportunites


All of us will have our fair share of opportunities along the way; the question is whether we recognise them. Opportunity really does come knocking on our door from time to time and so often we are faced with a choice, the outcome being determined by our personalities even more than circumstance in many cases.

If you know what you want in life you are in a good position to create opportunities. Once you have a goal you can devise a plan and opportunities can be cleverly orchestrated via a series of strategic moves. Making sure you are in the right place at the right time to meet people you wish to associate with, finding people who have the expertise to help you and applying creative thinking to situations will carry you to new places you may not even have dreamed of.

Some people have really excelled at moving out of situations that keep many people imprisoned. There are different triggers that help people aspire to greater heights. The first is an inbuilt need to elevate themselves to a greater level because they want more from their lives, especially when they have children. We see this constantly in TV talent shows- the instant answer to all your problems if you have a voice or skill! One thing is for sure, you need a dream and without a dream you will find it hard to develop the impetus to improve.

Opportunities can apply to life in quite different ways. Sometimes life has been going well and something comes along to spoil it ruining friendships, partnerships and more. In these situations the opportunity we require is the chance to forgive and make amends. Being given a second chance at anything in life should be viewed as a privilege and something we can give thanks for. A second chance can often be used as an opportunity to improve upon our original performance. We can give ourselves extra opportunities to shine when we truly apply ourselves to our work in order to produce our best. Whether you are creating a new design for a Birthday cake, making a record or writing a book you hone your own craft and the way you market helps determine success.

To maximize your opportunities you need to embrace them and pay attention to detail. Whether it means a severe dose of hard work or paying greater attention to the people in your life, the more you appreciate opportunities and use them to benefit your life, the better.

Opportunity knocks!- Remember to open the door each time.

Jaz McKenzie