Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Visionary Fantastic interview at Buffaloo Radio

We had a really amazing time with Visionary on Sunday. If you missed the show now's the time to find out what makes this charismatic Reggae Singer tick! Where did the name Visionary come from? How come he's created such a great album based on Studio One riddims? Why did Visionary leave Jamaica and go to Canada, a country he was not particularly taken with? How on earth did he manage to write 21 tracks in less than a week? We have the questions and you can discover the answers right here.

This interview was so interesting it took over an hour and includes 6 of his tracks off The Grassroots album. I love meeting genuine people who have a real passion in life and who pursue that passion, This is Visionary- he had a tough start in life yet pushed on through. Visionary is undeniably talented- enhanced because of his openness to the higher power and willingness to listen to the inner voice. I hope you will be inspired to go and buy his album! Deffo a great way to reach your own roots and inner vibration.

We took time to speak with Visionary about his book, 'The Hidden Agenda of Reggae Music,' a real insight into the industry so look out for that too!

Jaz McKenzie

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