Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 15- Soul mates


On the whole, there is a general perception that we all have a soul mate who is perfect for us, who will love and support us through thick and thin. Society encourages this ideal and often we consciously seek that person, anticipating marriage or an exclusive relationship once we have found them. I find this idea of one soul mate per person a very challenging notion.

There are millions of people in this world so it’s unrealistic to imagine that out of all these millions there is only one soul mate for each of us. That would make the odds of finding your soul mate far greater than the odds of winning the lottery! So take a step back and consider, how do we form friendships and would our ‘ideal’ person fit well into our current lifestyle- or maybe you are craving a different lifestyle based around your soul mate?

We are all individual; a miracle in itself and there are sets of characteristics we have inherited that create our personalities, appealing to some and repelling others. One of the fundamental differences regarding personality is whether we hold a positive or negative outlook on life. What we give out we attract back, so if you spend all your time complaining a positive person will quickly lose interest in you. There is little chance of finding an identical match however we can find the perfect match for our personality and that person will usually have the same values and overall regard for life. The ideal relationship will encompass elements of difference because we need balance; we need someone whose strengths compliment our weaknesses and visa versa. 

Regarding personal soul mates, I have discovered a certain vibration in two or three people that is clearly the same vibration I’m wired into. This is hard to explain and I didn’t have any awareness of it prior to about five years ago. I suddenly discovered this type of connection and once you feel it you know it! Interestingly, I haven’t discovered the exact same vibration with women to date but there are women who I connect with at some levels very strongly. All these connections serve to empower us as individuals but not necessarily as part of ‘an item!’ Another reason that backs up my belief that we all have multiple soul mates is that people can be widowed and go on to have a second relationship which is just as fulfilling as the first. The relationships are likely to be totally unlike each other as different people compliment different aspects of our character.

With the introduction of the internet we can easily find soul mates across the globe. We might not meet them in person however the depth of connection can prove invaluable and fulfil an important role in our lives. When we connect strongly with others we have their support on the level needed which in itself is a great motivator and distance is unimportant.

As you see, I take a very open approach to the term soul mates- maybe now is the time to research another phrase I stumbled across, ‘Twin Flames!’ I have concluded that there are many people we can have an exclusive relationship with. We need to have a clear idea of the type of person we want and be prepared to be realistic once that person comes along. All relationships take a great deal of working out, especially after the initial excitement wears off, but once you have a great relationship it really is worth making the extra effort.

Jaz McKenzie