Give Thanks~Feel Joyful- WK 16- GREAT Thoughts!


This title might sound a little odd however we really need to give thanks for the great thoughts that we have.

How do we define great thoughts?
This is an 'easy to answer' question. Great thoughts create a feeling of excitement within which stimulates our minds, causing us to focus on these thoughts in a positive way: creating the desire to spring into action. Actions reinforce the will to achieve and when we are properly stimulated we know we are alive! Great thoughts rocket us towards our true potential.

Great thoughts make the most of time. When you think about it, time keeps rolling and our thoughts keep rolling- the estimated number of thoughts we humans have per day is huge, between 12K-50k. An enormous band width and presumably personality will help determine where in the spectrum you lie. Geniuses and worriers are probably towards the top end of the scale whereas totally chilled out people are likely to live in the moment and think less. Having listened to Will-I-Am, I am sure his mind never rests and he would be on 50K+!

The art of thought control is something that many of us have grown up completely unaware of- beyond the common phrase, ‘think about something else’- used when we are sad. If we had tuned into that on a deep level we would realise that the power to control our thoughts lies within our minds. It is something we can take control of rather than allowing our thoughts to control us.

Thoughts control emotions therefore good thoughts create good emotions and life is great. The reverse is also true. This is why we are always advised to hang out with people who have positive attitudes. How can you feel good in the company of people who moan, complain, never see the good in anything and enjoy holding on to the bad things in life? We can train our minds towards positive thinking and the more positive thoughts we think the easier it becomes to think them more often. The art is not in trying to ban negative thoughts but in acknowledging them and allowing them to slip away without giving them credence. Not all thoughts need to be validated through speech!

I would recommend using great thoughts. A kind thought is a great thought and can brighten someone’s day. These thoughts we know as compliments. They cost nothing but need to be genuine in order to be effective. Great thoughts tend to be centred on achievements, sentiments and exciting experiences. Great thoughts from the past are referred to as great memories and these can help you through tough times such as bereavement. Great thoughts about the future are dreams and visions- these encourage our aspirations. Great thoughts in the present are the optimum in mindfulness- you are in the right place at the right time fully appreciating life. Mindfulness is the root of inspiration.

How can we differentiate a great thought from a poor thought?
Thoughts create feelings. Great thoughts bring on a sense of lightness, freedom, relaxation and they empower you. Poor thoughts are the total opposite leaving you feeling heavy, tense, stressed and powerless. They sap your energy and put you in a weak position. Sometimes this weakness creates undesirable behaviour in people who will try to influence others in order to empower themselves. People who think great thoughts tend to encourage others and are not filled with greed, jealousy and envy.

Final thought: most of us have heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’ so let’s update that to, ‘you are who you think you are!’ Beware and be mindful of your mind.

Jaz McKenzie

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