Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK14 - Celebrations!

Life needs to be fun and celebrations create opportunities for even more fun! All religions seem to share certain elements- prayer and fasting being obvious examples, and equally they have joyous periods set aside for celebration.

Celebrations create a buzz in us and an opportunity to be extravagant. These days many people tend to take this to the extreme, especially in the ‘present buying’ department, however it is a great thing to love and appreciate ourselves and others. Celebrations can provide good opportunities for people to bond as families- equally they can create further divisions.

We need to be able to identify who we are and what we regard as important. Celebrations and ceremonies become very much a part of our personal make-up and give us something to look forward to in our daily lives. Many celebrations stem from institutional/religious practice- marriage being a prime example. People may choose to marry quietly however weddings are generally large occasions and designed to be memorable- the best day of a woman’s life! And of course, celebrations are essential to status and economy!

Once you have children celebrations take on a life of their own. Birthday parties can be enjoyable or a parental nightmare but that is dependent upon your child’s expectations. If you embrace peer pressure and are competitive, providing outstanding parties might be a personal highlight- phew, am I glad my kids are now adults! These days we have baby showers as well as hen nights, not just Mothering Sunday but Father’s day and I have even heard mention of Grandparent days.

Of course there are many different types of celebration. The Olympics is a huge celebration of human physical achievement encompassing physical and mental attributes. Discipline is essential when aiming to achieve any goal. We have celebratory days encompassing educational aims and achievements- Black History Month is a prime example; we also celebrate individual achievements- passing a driving test, getting a new job, buying or renting a nice home.

Celebrations keep the spirit buoyant and cause to celebrate is a great motivator. Society sets certain standards and we are encouraged to comply. School exams, beauty pageants set so called desirable traits or levels of learning- how useful these skills prove to be is determined by individual attitudes and opportunities.

Where would we be if all of our achievements slipped past un-noticed? Life would be very flat indeed, so let’s keep finding great reasons to enjoy ourselves and create a long list of accomplishments!

Jaz McKenzie