I Have A Dream- Poem by Andrea Pinkey Ferguson


I have a dream- I think too much and do not dream.
I know that life is not always how it seems.
A dark crevices of thoughts,
For not everyone can understand this pain in my heart.
Dabbled with fear, sweat, blood and tears.
There are moments when I long for someone
To tell me what I want to hear.

To this standard of living I had unwillingly adhered.
This path of substantial living I had not chosen.
I give no care. I have struggled through the years,
Endlessly toiling but getting nowhere.
Hoping for a better life I do not dare.
The color of my skin is where my suffering begin.

Like a thunderbolt of lightning started the beginning of my origin
The creator you see, thought my skin was so beautiful, was so pretty.
My struggles I wonder did HE had the foresight to see?
Numerous plights and flights that lead to my ancestors
Fleeing in the dead of night, to be whipped and dehumanised,
Was this alright?

A history of past and present events.
To my sorrows I give a voice because now I have the right to vent
A pitiful future not looking at all bright.
When do we get tired for our rights to fight?
A black destiny sure does not appear at all friendly
For society see most black people as an ancient enemy

What’s more, the color of my skin does not open many doors.
I think too much, my anger I implore.
For eternity this injustice I seems to endure
I do not dream for my reality is what it seem...
If only we could learn to united and live together
Existing as ‘’one’’ team. Luv Dat

Andrea Pinkey Ferguson

Big Thank you to Andrea for sharing her work and click for more information about Luv Dat Poems

Jaz McKenzie


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