Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Family Love ~ Hurting Me- A Jaz McKenzie music/video review!

Hurting Me~ Family Love ft. Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell

Released by Urban Delight Ent/ Video: Chiba Visuals

Family Love members:
Lloyd Heron, Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell, Frederica Tibbs
Backing vocals- Errol Black Steel

Jealousy's a killer- which comes across very clearly in the new single, ‘Hurting Me,’ by Family Love- ft. Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell with Lloyd Heron on drums. ‘Hurting Me’ is a great little Lover's Rock song, written and produced by Lloyd Heron and released on the Urban Delight Ent label. It tells a sad yet familiar story backed by a joyful beat that says, ‘keep listening to me!’ The clever combination of story- telling, emotional release and Winsome’s sweet voice set against Errol Black Steel’s backing vocals make this single a joy to listen to; clearly ‘Hurting Me’ is ideal for both club and radio play- not to mention your personal music collection!

It is very refreshing to hear excellent clear vocals that are not overly embellished- a little scarce in today’s musical climate. Likewise, the lyrics are simple giving a great message for women who contend with jealous men- ‘You’re only hurting me- but I’m not giving in!’ The video, by Jimmy Chiba of Chiba Visuals, is set in the City of London and captures this major misunderstanding brilliantly- best of all it is not over-acted. The shift from 'argument' to the nightclub scene emphasizes that both the show and life must go on.

How this song relates to society:
Clearly this video is a take on an ongoing problematic relationship and we have no idea how many jealous episodes there have been or how many times this guy has packed his bags! Does he usually come back after a couple of days? How will she react? From the video we imagine that all will be well again temporarily as the two appear to reconcile briefly in the club, however it is very hard living with a jealous partner. Jealousy is just as likely to be a feminine trait and quite often the cheating partner has a tendency to control the innocent partner through false allegations. Clearly in the video all Winsome wants is a straight forward discussion, an opportunity to explain- maybe later! People in a relationship like this need a strong bond of love and mega patience if their relationship is to stand a chance of surviving on an equal footing. Sadly, people often pander to their partners every whim in order to live in peace and quiet- an illusion. This is why it is good to see Winsome giving a clear message by taking a strong stance in the video instead of going after her man.

‘Hurting Me’ - Purchase your copy Here at HMV Digital and follow the links above to connect with both Family Love and Urban Delight Ent.

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