Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK17- For Water


There is no life without water therefore we must give thanks for water. Firstly, it is one of the major components of our bodies, generally estimated at between 60-65% of total body mass. Even your bones are estimated to be 31% water with lungs coming in first place at an incredible 83%- and we thought they were mainly air! Water is a vital ingredient in every cell- obvious when life requires water- and it has a whole range of functions within the body from helping us to swallow our food to eliminating waste. Amazingly, babies are around 78% water mass when they are born according to neuroscientist Jeffrey Utz; with men having more water in their bodies than women- Guess why? Women have more fatty cells! I would love to know the reasons babies bodies are so high in water- I imagine that without proper food, breast milk included, they have less capacity to generate fatty tissue although some are born at champion weights (Note for Mums to be- Leave the take-aways alone, your baby doesn’t need them!) More likely, it is to assist with birth as water is 100% fluid- (flexible) and baby bones are not yet solid. Muscles must also be limited in their development due to natural restrictions.

Just imagine how we might appear if the water were sucked out of our bodies- almost ‘flat-packed humans’ perish the thought! What we do know is how our bodies suffer when our intake of water reduces. Apart from feeling thirsty and dehydrated we start developing headaches and dizziness. If we regularly drink insufficient amounts of water our skin suffers becoming more wrinkled or leathery. We really need an appreciation of the value of water and how well it serves us.
Water’s other major quality is that it truly refreshes our world. We shower in it, clean with it and can even stand out in the rain appreciating rain drops as they brighten our surroundings. Dew lingering on the early morning grass on a hot summer’s day is quite incredible, yet we take it for granted. Water is therapeutic especially in times of stress when we can bathe or swim in it- particularly the joys of the ocean which can be almost indescribable.

We all know that water can react in different ways when combined with a range of chemicals, but did you know that scientific investigation into water shows that it reacts to emotions? There are videos available that show exactly how water reacts to different types of music and even our spoken words. If you understand the principal that all of our thoughts and words are powerful vibrations you can see why this is possible. Water reacts to vibrations therefore different musical sounds and good/ bad/relaxed/anxious thoughts will affect water differently. Who knows if one day we will be seeing a way of using water analysis as a type of lie detector! We tend to think that we are fairly advanced scientifically yet there is no way of measuring how far we have left to go so there may be more hidden qualities as yet undetected; by the very nature of evolution we can’t anticipate limits to our learning.

Despite water shortages, droughts etc we know there is enough water for everyone in this world. We simply don’t do enough to help. So let’s keep those who are in dire need of clean water in mind whilst we give thanks for the luxury of having clean water on tap. Yes we have added chemicals in tap water instead of natural impurities however our water is still a blessing and we are so fortunate to live in the western world where we can even buy our natural spring water in bottles!

Jaz McKenzie

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