Sunday, 10 May 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK18- Thanks for sunshine!


We could just give thanks for light and life but there is something so beautiful about sunshine that it commands a category of its own.

Sunshine has the effect of making us feel good- it acts as a catalyst to boot up our greatest vibrations. Love and sunshine- what a fantastic combination! Sunshine can reach into our moments of deepest despair and flip our thinking for a few moments by opening our eyes to the beauty of the world. In the words of the late John Denver, ‘sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,’ a line that jumps to mind looking out of my window and seeing the sunlight illuminating the beauty of the Hawthorne tree’s blossom whilst my neighbour is sunbathing on the lawn.

How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Chances are that if we are greeted by sunshine we are more than ready to face the day and look forward to it with anticipation. Waking in darkness and cold tends to make us want to bury ourselves under the duvet and go back to sleep! By now most of us will have heard of SAD syndrome (Seasonally Affected Disorder) where lack of light affects people’s emotional make up and they suffer with depression in the winter. This is very real as are the effects of a warmer climate suiting a great many people who experience problems relating to joints and other illnesses. Even in the winter we can feel better watching programmes such as, ‘A place in the sun’ as they trigger our desire to experience sunlight. Sunshine is life- just look at the way nature revives in the summer from the dead of winter to new growth- and don’t children tend to shoot up in the summer too!

There is real enjoyment in soaking up the sun; our bodies crave sunshine and vitamin D giving us the feel good factor. My favourite holiday consists of sun, sea and sand- hours spent relaxing and fully appreciating the surroundings, living in the moment whilst squirreling away memories for those dull rainy days- which we need in order to fully appreciate the sun! Relaxing in the sun helps generate a feeling of lightness associated with the power of a positive outlook (ref: great thoughts.) Of course, too much sunshine is not good, as with all types of excess, and we can suffer sunburn or sunstroke if we spend too long in direct sunlight or fail to take precautions and drink plenty of water.

Sunshine is so often the answer to apathy. People adore sunny days. We suddenly want to look good in our summer clothes, feel fit and eat more healthily. Sunshine generates warm evenings and we make better use of our days, choosing to sit outside rather than in and spending more time socialising with friends. The smell of countless barbeques accompanied by the sound of laughter across the country bear testimony to this trait- and as for those beach barbeques- well, that’s where the magic created by sunshine lies.

Sun helps maintain health. We tend to exercise more when the sun is shining, quite noticeable now that the milder winters draw more people to open spaces for outdoor workouts. In addition, there seem to be less infections around in the summer, although hay fever comes into its own here in the UK. How much better is it to have the windows wide open inviting fresh air in rather than blasting heat into our rooms from radiators to incubate all those germs!

Let’s give thanks for sunshine- it brings out our smiles and makes us more tolerant, especially if we can take our young children and more elderly relatives out rather than keeping them cooped up indoors! Sunshine+ smiles = sanity- I think that’s a great recipe for fun and improved health!

Jaz McKenzie

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