Somebody needs your help- and there are hundreds of good causes to choose between all of which are highly advertised with the commercial machine in full flow. But what of the many individuals who need a serious cash injection to ease their pain and improve their life expectancy or enjoyment of life?

Clearly the National Health Service is lacking and despite the money pumped into cancer charities it seems we cannot help all those living in the country, so please listen to this appeal by Frederica Tibbs for her friend Yvonne who needs to travel to Honduras for treatment. hen you have heard it, share the 'Unity is Strength' appeal- come along if you can to Hootanny this Tuesday and contribute what you can afford towards raising the £5K required to help Yvonne- minimum contribution £5. You can also contact Frederica on Facebook to find out where to send donations.

Frederica and friends have organised a fantastic evening of Reggae with many well known artists and DJ's giving up their time to make this a highly successful evening, courtesy of Cecil Ruben who has agreed to Hootananny hosting the event. We really need to grasp that the needs of one person are as heart-wrenching as the needs of the masses. They are affected, the people around them are affected and by helping one person we can go on to help others. This is what love is, and the more we share it the further love spreads. Life is not fair however we are not impotent, so let's do something to help one another. Log the date in your calender and SHARE the event or contribute NOW. Here's a youtube direct advert that you can also use. Thank You.

Jaz McKenzie