Thursday, 25 June 2015

Give Thanks~ Feel Joyful WK 24- For Personal Power


Each one of us has the power within to lead a fulfilling and highly successful life; in accordance with our personal standards. It is a question of self belief, motivation and aspiration. Here are two quick but deep questions:

What do you most want from life?
What are you prepared to give to attain it?

Once you have married up the answers you will be able to progress, having a vision, and create the life you really want. You will need to identify the sacrifices associated with your aims and these usually include time and money- often leading to strained personal relationships, so definitely require thought and planning.

Our personal power comes from questioning ourselves and we need answers- What makes me me? Why am I here? Two of the most powerful and challenging questions anyone can ask.

Throughout the course of this life it is easy to lose yourself; in fact this is quite common and many people are a shadow of the person they could be, usually without even realising it. That was the thinking behind my poem ‘The Challenge,’ where the mere facts are laid bare.

Inspired people are aware of their power and use it appropriately. They know what they want from life, have visions based around their desires, write it all down, work step by step and constantly follow the process of evaluating and questioning. Let’s break this process down. A small child wishes to build a tower and randomly assembles a stack of bricks, using different shapes. The tower becomes lop-sided and quickly crashes. There are three possible courses of action available:
  •     The child becomes frustrated and gives up.
  •     The child is helped by a more capable child or adult so they can understand the principles of  building a tower.
  •     The child starts to experiment and will find out for himself how the tower works through making attempts and assimilating his findings. Experimentation is a form of questioning.

This is interesting when using differently shaped bricks and some will be discarded in the early stages, but later on the child will realise how much more scope the different shapes provide to create new structures.  As adults we need to question and work out which areas of our lives are the solid bricks, the small bricks or the awkward ones in the box. I will point out that each brick holds value, maybe as an enabler- teaching tool that can be used, replaced with a more substantial brick or boxed until required.

When referring to personal power I do not mean power that we can use to elevate ourselves over others or to control them. These can lead to an abuse of power. People in positions of power should not see themselves as having power over others, instead they have the power to assist others, improve the quality of life on an individual or global basis. We need to aspire to be powerful in our own lives so we are in control of ourselves and in a position to guide others.

We have the power to create opportunities and the power to change our thinking. 
Maybe you consider yourself a ‘nice’ person but feel you don’t have much to contribute. The probability is you have qualities you fail to recognise. Those talents can be abstract- patience, thoroughness, the ability to complete a task. These qualities make you a great role model and short-tempered, scatty people will admire you! It is well worth getting in touch with your own power, writing down the areas of your life you are in control of and comfortable with. You can then consider your weak areas and see how you can empower yourself so that you can tackle these too. If you discover some unpleasant or worrying traits you can bring these into your focus and control- not easy but it may just be a case of forming new habits!

We are all living, breathing magnets and have the power to draw into our aura the things we consciously or unconsciously desire. Unfortunately if we focus on our fears we can attract these to us as well. For this reason we need to exercise the power of positive thinking, so get to grips with your personal power and become the person you wish to be.

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