Monday, 15 June 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 23 - enjoying our Freedom


I’m so happy to be free. There have been times in my life when this statement would have been paramount to a lie because whilst I have never been under lock and key, there are other elements that enslave us from the wrong job or relationship: one of the most familiar to me is depression.

Now, depression has moved from societies bottom drawer to being highly exposed, almost accredited celebrity status given that many celebrities have admitted to Bi-polar disorders- whilst still making a mint. The rest of us who become depressed know what it’s like to want to stay in bed 24/7 at the bottom end of the rung (Phew, avoided that!) to feeling worthless and that they have nothing to offer. Others have been known to dance around naked whilst many of us do the high/low thing and wonder whether there’s any point to life. Unfortunately with depression, the worse you get, the worse you will become as it literally reshapes parts of the brain however, according to some experts, this can be gradually reversed through practising mindfulness and positive thinking- not the easiest answer when you’re ill. I don’t exactly know how I got out of mine except that I made huge changes to my life and now approach life differently. That is the answer because change is essential: the same actions produce the same results.

Freedom is a state of mind first and foremost. Nobody can control your mind except you. No-one can add anything to it or take from it without your consent. People can try to make us anxious, rule us through fear or possibly via the use of substances, BUT they can only do so if we are not fully in control of our thoughts and give away our power. We do this when we lack confidence to make decisions. Some of us do it through being too nice, overly helpful (Hands Up!) I have also noticed that strong women with high powered jobs can end up being abused- not quite worked out the psychological profile for this one except that some degree of self belief is lacking.

You have your freedom- what are you going to do with it? Freedom and responsibility work best hand in hand; sadly that’s not always the case and some people act a little crazy when there are no restrictions on them. The age old ‘rebellious youth’ will always be a part of society but look how lottery winners often react to total financial freedom- the majority end up worse than they started within a few years.

If we want to be truly free we need to develop an enquiring mind and responsible attitude in order to make good decisions and life choices. Sometimes we need to develop ourselves without interruptions until we really know what we want in life. This means creating your own space to think and grow. Sometimes we have major decisions to make- shall we stay in paid employment or risk self employment in a bid for financial freedom?

How free is your mind? Do you think for yourself? Do you question and seek answers? Or act like a universal sponge and soak up the news, chat shows and open conversations styling these into easy-fit beliefs? Some people have been known to tailor their views to different social groups- a sad place to be because we deprive ourselves of inner satisfaction. Genuine football fans only ever support one team however they have total respect for outstanding players across the board.

Allowing your mind freedom enables you to live the life you desire because whatever your life circumstances, you can mentally rise above them. Nelson Mandela was a prime example. Despite incarceration he went on to lead his people and fulfil his life purpose. The majority of us will not reach such heights and depths but we need to operate to the best of our ability and create a mental mindset that enables us to make the best of ourselves and attain our goals. It is only through freedom that we can become who we aspire to be... poem coming soon!

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