Saturday, 6 June 2015

Namaste: Meditation Blessing Music for Positive Thoughts embracing the F...

If you enjoy the habit of meditating this is very relaxing music to bookmark. Unlike most meditations there is no visual focus but then again that's not important as we all have our own focal points.

Meditation requires practice and we need to accept that myriad thoughts will naturally enter our mind whilst we are open to the musical flow. There is no point paying attention to them as doing so will arouse us from a meditative state- just allow thoughts to drift through and return your mind to its focus. Meditation is good in semi-light and candles can be good but I tend to forget they're there. You can also read up about crystals and how these can help with different aspects of your life. Have to say my collection of crystals is growing gradually- I like to use them however my son thinks it's total nonsense; each to their own.

I have found that meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind particularly at stressful times and can make a real difference to the day. To begin the day in a calm state of mind helps with decision making, communication and all the usual  transactions. It puts you in control of your thoughts and if you can meditate before sleep this helps you to de-stress. There are many different types of meditations to choose from and many guided meditations to help you achieve certain aims. All guided meditations require you to visualize which I find quite difficult! The main point is to find something that works for you. Quiet is good but silence -challenging! As with thoughts, mentally acknowledge a noise but don't tune into it. Ideally your phone should be off however as I use my phone for the videos that's just not possible so Facebook message sounds are a part of the course.

So, I'll leave you to chill out and enjoy the effects of this wonderfully calming music and trust you will feel refreshed..

Jaz McKenzie

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