Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Will the Judges bend over backwards for Bonetics? | Britain's Got Talent...

When we hear the word 'dance' it usually conjours up the classic image of ballet dancers floating gracefully around the stage, but here on Britain's Got Talent Junior's type of dance is the exact opposite. The audience audibly cringes time and again as his physical dexterity is almost beyond belief. Having seen many contortionists over the years I can honestly say I have never seen a single one creased up in so many ways- ultimately appearing like a mini alien.

How did Junior discover this artform? That I can't recall yet I do remember him saying that he had to learn how to dislocate his joints- cringe! To choreograph such an intriguing routine is an extension of Junior's obvious talent and his performance was riveting.

Forward thinking- One person performing is totally enthralling so I would love to see a ballet that encompasses classic ethereal moves with this torturous style: the contrast would enable us to bring a Star Trek type ballet to the stage- not just through movement but also through costume. You could have a futuristic set and bingo, something never seen before. If you are unfamiliar with ballet you may be under the impression that a ballet contains strictly ballet moves. this is not the case. A ballet can include different dance styles for specific purposes therefore this idea is not extreme. In fact a great battle scene could be created if contortion were to meet tap-yes please Matthew Bourne. Let's give Classical Aliens a shot- and bring a new dimension of dance and music fusion to a theatre near you.

Well, enough creative thinking for now. I do hope that Junior will be able to extend his Bonetics act and he is to be congratulated for reaching the live finals- a superb achievement.

Jaz McKenzie

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