Sunday, 5 July 2015

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

Have you noticed how everything happens at once? We have had fantastically hot days here in the UK & a tremendous thunderstorm to follow! Fortunately I love the heat and it's a real blessing to feel the power of the sunshine. Even today we had some sun although the temperature has lowered somewhat. Nice to wear your summer clothes and go out in the evening without a jacket. Sunshine really brings the feel good factor regardless of your situation.

Whilst the weather is excellent, I suddenly have a significant load on my shoulders both emotionally and practically, having assignments to complete very shortly and pressing personal matters that fit into the major stress category. The important thing is to always take each day at a time and do the necessaries. That way you avoid adding extra stress to the existing issues so there is less for your mind to process. It is also good not to over-think things but to try and relax mentally. Concentrated thoughts put pressure on your mind and too much energy into a situation. Very often things have a way of working out that you might never have expected. I am finding that when I quickly replace worries with positive thoughts about those concerned, better things happen. It's not an easy process but practice helps.

Thought for the week: If your body is hot and your mind is cool, things are OK!

Jaz McKenzie

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