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Give Thanks ~Feel Joyful WK 25- Appreciating Achievements


Achievement stands for growth and development- it says, ‘I have ARRIVED at my destination, reached a new milestone and have reason to be proud.’ Achievement is highly rated in society. The modern world buzzes with celebrations of achievement as well loved annual awards roll around- everything from the Queen’s New Year Honours list to product of the year, Olympic medals and many other sporting awards. Business awards and an entire host of Media awards are there for the determined, often elevating celebrities to an even higher status. We have awards that recognize different types of achievement including bravery awards given to members of the armed services or even members of the public in fact, a special programme is dedicated to brave children; we can recommend someone for their outstanding achievements within our own community. Each and every award is equally valid however they all share one thing in common- they result from external opinion whether selected by professionals or a public vote.

I was very pleased to have met highly inspirational speaker and business women Jessica Huie MBE and also Jenny Garrett, Women’s Coach of the Year 2014 at ‘Generation Success.’ People like this show you that success is within your grasp if your reach out for it which means committing to hard work!

So now we come to your life. 
  • Who will reward you for your achievements? 
  • How do you even know what you have achieved? 

We don’t give ourselves medals very often except maybe at sporting days or similar but we do give certificates. There are swimming certificates, maths certificates, conduct certificates all of which are designed to encourage the recipient to appreciate their achievement and inspire them to continue advancing in that field. But how do you get a certificate in the first place and what type of reward would you appreciate? Usually you need to set and work towards goals, monitoring as you go- an important lesson to apply when wishing to achieve.

If you work without targets, whether it’s losing weight or building a business, you have no way of telling how far you have come or when it is time to re-evaluate: when monitored you can see actual growth. Rewards for achievements can take any form you like- you might prefer to pay a babysitter and have a great night out! The journey counts: strength, wisdom, self-control and knowledge are tested and expand during that journey. Also, achievement works best twinned with focus. The maths are simple: total focus = the fastest route to success.

Why is achievement so important? Why can’t we just coast through life remaining as we are? Actually, it’s very rarely that our brain will allow this. We have a built in stagnancy detector and when activated it flags up the word ‘BORED.’ Our minds need caring for as much as our bodies and we become restless and disoriented in life when ignoring our intellectual needs. Intellectual needs can be met through physical challenges depending on which part of the brain we are exercising. The sprinter whilst improving his running skills uses his brain to assess, calculate and draw upon his innermost resources, those of power and determination- the legs just can’t move any faster unless mental applications are also exercised.

Now decide what you wish to achieve in the different spheres of your life. Maybe you already excel intellectually so it might be time to step out of the box and take up a new hobby- kick boxing maybe (inspired by Battle Creek Hackney!)

There are various things that drive humans towards their optimum performance. The high 5 in my recipe are Love, Joy, Passion, Dedication and Success. These five qualities all stand for something different and when working in harmony ensure achievement in any given area of your life.

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