Let Battle Creek Hackney Commence- it's all in an urban day's filming!

Battle Creek Hackney~ Overview

'Live in Action'- Paul and Ansko with Rebecca behind

What a fabulous day, joining the crew and cast whilst they shot the latest scenes for ‘Battle Creek Hackney,’- East London’s first ever no-budget martial arts production! It was enlivening to say the least; exactly what I would expect from a company called, ‘Bebop films’- involving some bopping, weaving and diving under the hot sun and skilful direction of Filmmaker Azeem Mustafa.

Battle Creek Hackney originally sounded like an urbanized cowboy movie to me and when I mentioned this to Azeem he commented that it could be construed as such in a minor way. However, without a horse or motorbike (London equivalent) in site, I guess we are referring to the territorial aspect and instead of ‘guns a blazing’ there were myriad punches and kicks between Ronin, played by Paul Van Beaumont, and the somewhat vicious girly street gang whom I am referring to as ‘Hackney Zenanites,’- Ansko Pitkanen, Lobna Futers, both experienced in martial arts, acting alongside Rebecca Tate Oswald Mulholland who was making her screen debut.

Discussing moves including Lobna to the left

I am referring to the actresses as ’Hackney Zenanites,' due to Zeena the Warrior Princess springing to mind when watching the action, however this might offend Cat Woman! Some excellent chops and blows all round and how Lobna marshalled her arts in a pair of high heels I cannot imagine, however the dreaded drain gripped one heel with a vengeance giving her a swollen ankle- naturally the show went on.

Azeem’s directing style is very interesting. He encourages his actors to use their combat expertise to devise the fight sequences, keeping a watchful eye and drawing them back to the plot which remained at the forefront of his mind. This way Azeem capitalised on their talents and kept the sequences en-point.

Craige taking stills and Fiz- best not enquire!

I have to say, it was a very energetic day! Paul brought along a pair of handcuffs to add a twist and these were incorporated into a scene where the ‘Hackney Zenanites’ tricked and trapped him so that Paul was effectively handicapped by handcuffs- but Kung Fu-ed his way out of the situation regardless- very entertaining.

Take 5- Eric left with director Azeem

Azeem’s colleagues Eric Schachter (responsible for behind the scene footage)  and Craige Middleburgh were also in attendance. Additional assistance was given by  Fiz M Bomb, who, having over 20 years experience in martial arts, took part in a screen fight with Paul to round off the day’s filming.

Battle Creek Hackney is clearly an interesting urban film and as I am only commenting on today’s proceedings, with today's cast, go add yourself to Battle CreekHackney’s Facebook page and all will eventually be revealed.
Ready, steady, flash~ Catching a team vibes

Footnote: It is so good to witness a team who work in harmony and just get on with the job in hand- not an ego in sight which is somewhat rare in this field!

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