'BILLBOARD PERFECT'- Poem based on actor Paul Van Beaumont, inspired by German Zwanik's portrait.

Actor Paul Van Beaumont~ Portrait painted by German Zwanik

I’m a star in the making
Destiny dictates: 'celebrity status awaits'
Think I’ll go ahead and make a start!
Grab a few spray cans and impart the message
Create my own billboard with urbanized art

This drab garage door will have to do
Reckon I can paint myself five feet two
And meet the passer-by- direct in the eye
Uh huh that’s pretty cool
Eye to eye contact- yes, the golden rule!
Let’s start the campaign
Jump on the train to fame
Done the groundwork so it’s time
For the newest star in town to reign

I dictate my fate
I will rein it in
Vampire slayer
Marshall Arts King-
Whichever way you look at it
I was born to win!

In my mind I have arrived!
Standing beside the very best
On wall to wall billboards worldwide
For realI’m living the dream
Blockbusters, box office smash
Iconic actor of the silver screen
Overloaded with cash
So I’ve pimped my rides
But I don’t do bling
My award cabinet groans
And that’s the greatest thing!
So just to be sure you’re all perfectly clear
I’ll say it one last time
And you know I’m worth it
I’m billboard perfect!’

Signing off:  ’Actor of the Year.’

Jaz McKenzie ©2015 

I have come across some amazing people in my life and here two come together via a very artistic connection. Having admired German Zwanik's artwork for quite some time, I was pleased to meet him recently at his exhibition in Hoxton, where I also had the pleasure of meeting actor Paul Van Beaumont. I discovered that Paul had modelled for German and at that point German was being very evasive as to how he would portray Paul having 'a few ideas.' Once I saw this fantastic and incredibly realistic portrait depicting German's interpretation, I realised it was a canvas harbouring seeds of poetic intent!

Having spent a day with Paul on the set of Battle Creek Hackney and seeing him in action I am aware that he has great potential to do extremely well in the challenging acting arena. Paul is experienced in martial arts and good at staging fights, not just following directions. He is also versatile and I will soon share a short film Paul appeared in where he plays a primary role primarily based on dialogue. Definitely need to blog that as a separate feature due to its complexity!

Clearly German's portrait sparked the style of poem I have written which is full of bravado. I visualised the garage door as a billboard (hence 5ft 2") so ran with the idea of his impending success based on Paul's genuine qualities-hard work, maintaining self belief and having faith that fame will happen. 'Portrait Perfect' is very cocky and tongue-in-cheek, taking a flamboyant humorous approach to the subject 'success'. Thankfully Paul is actually very down to earth and has a humble attitude, working methodically from one project to the next whilst believing he will achieve his goals.

A few action movie images with more to come later!

Jaz McKenzie

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