Sunday, 2 August 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 27- Thanks for Imagination!


Imagination- what a spectacular word!! Resonating intrigue and the embodiment of power- guess that’s the ‘tion,’ completing many a great word. How in touch are you with your imagination? As small children our imaginations are quite forceful and central to both learning and life experience. Children love role play from home corners to fairytales- with superhero suits forever adorning shopping malls. As we grow, imagination is often shelved in favour of more traditional learning methods and is not usually actively encouraged. This does not mean imagination is discouraged; usually it simply suffers from neglect. Sadly the ‘facts of life’ as we know take priority, but without imagination our world would be years behind- no wheel, someone thought about transportation and imagined a better way, no light bulb and so forth.

Imagination is often twinned with creative outlets and resurrected once children show passion or talent within the arts arena. Storytelling, dance, drama, painting are the most obvious outlets and widely acceptable however imagination can be applied to many areas of life. Within the arts imagination truly flourishes and fulfils many a need. There is great solace and energy to be sought in music and dance, hidden elements within great works of art that only the thinking mind will connect with and an escape from pain or the monotony of life: alternatively all can be used as expressions of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Stretching the imagination, often used in the same sentence as ‘the mind boggles,’ tends to refer to unacceptable or extravagant uses of imagination in relation to deviance from the norm. Wearing imaginative attire often instigates trend setting, especially if done by the celebrity of the moment- otherwise it may be perceived a total disaster! Even Barbie Dolls have caused some women to literally alter their appearance and become a life-sized walking, talking Barbie- perish the thought or should I say, ‘whatever floats your boat?’

Sometimes we use our imaginations quite deliberately to take us away from unpleasant situations. This is a useful tool provided people remain in the real world and aren’t under so much stress that they become ill, in which case their entire perspective of reality can shift sometimes leaving them to exist on an alternative mental plain. I once met a guy who told me we are all living in a parallel world and where we were standing was not the reality- apparently the nurses and consultants did not understand this but I did-?? I will say, as I am open minded regarding the existence of aliens, alternate worlds and re-incarnation, that there must be many truths beyond our imagination that we cannot possibly understand even in these days of enlightenment.

Understanding how your imagination can serve you will prove beneficial. Imagination is extremely important if you wish to create a particular lifestyle. This is something that has been known by the upper echelons of society for many years and has recently been revealed to us lesser mortals since ‘The Secret’ came into print- and possibly before that.  There are countless resources available that educate as to how we can tap into our imagination; masses of on-line video’s are available, books, seminars and more. It amazes me how many times on-line readings of Angel Cards prove accurate but once again we can use our imaginations to stretch the facts to fit.

Where does imagination come from? Now that is the million dollar question and I’ll leave the answer to your imagination! Think I'll share my views in the next blog in this series where I speak about my favourite subject, poetry.

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