Sunday, 30 August 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 32- Thanks for our Colleagues!


I’m sure some of you are saying YES whilst others are pulling faces and saying- Jaz you don’t know what I have to put up with, believe me! We all have experienced working with difficult colleagues at times and there have been occasions when I’d rather have stayed home than face a difficult day, but teams are the real deal and personalities are part of the package.

Fortunately most of us meet many great people and I am including the self-employed here who have the job of forming their own networks as we all need other professionals to work with if we wish to progress. Working within a team gives us so many opportunities to learn new skills within a relatively safe environment. When new skills are required most work places provide free training and with new skills often come new responsibilities and increased pay- at least, that’s the idea. Even if you do not undergo official training courses you may well pick up tips that make your job easier as we all have different ways of doing things and new procedures and technology are often implemented- bring on Windows 10!

Work is what you make it and our attitude towards our colleagues can make or break our day. When there is a good atmosphere at work people tend to put energy and enthusiasm into their jobs and in this situation teams can come up with exciting new ideas. Even in fairly mundane jobs some people have a really upbeat, caring attitude and clearly have a natural ability to provide excellent customer service. I love the programme, ‘Undercover Boss,’ and this gives owners a great insight into their company with the opportunity to make changes so that people’s work is easier for them to undertake. The people on the shop floor so often have excellent ideas that if implemented make life simpler for their colleagues.

Colleagues often become friends, especially as they spend so many hours together. These friendships can provide a great support network for people both inside and outside the workplace. We need to be sensitive to the needs of our colleagues and hopefully are aware when they appear unwell or troubled. A little understanding goes a long way so when someone is not pulling their weight, ask yourself why before entering the blame culture. Although we do not require the details of our colleagues personal lives we do need to be sensitive towards their needs and be as supportive as possible. Obviously some people have a genuinely poor attitude to work and little consideration towards their colleagues but this is something that needs to be addressed by management or, if you are self-employed, you may choose to take your business elsewhere.

Yesterday I went along to a London Achievers seminar which was celebrating entrepreneurs. I just loved the interview we watched with Richard Branson. It had been recorded several years ago but Richard’s values remain true. Work should be fun and when you think about it laughter starts within. If people in the workplace are cheerful the work gets done and time flies by. The other really interesting point Richard made is to lavish the praise and hold back criticism. His view is that people are aware of their performance and there are other ways of dealing with things. Richard takes a similar approach to dishonesty and believes in discussions rather than admonishment, saying that this approach often generates more loyalty for the person concerned. If the man at the top can take a sensitive approach to his employees, we as colleagues should be able to deal sensitively with our workmates. Steve Jobs is also an inspired team leader and encourages the best from his team, always keeping them on target.

How do you feel when you go into work? I find that when I go into work expecting a great day and having some objectives to achieve it usually runs smoothly. We are all familiar with the expression, ‘life is what we make it,’ but how often do we apply that to our daily jobs? If you do not like your job, that is no excuse to be miserable at work. You chose your job and are paid for the work you do therefore, despite your feelings, you should be giving it 100% until you find an alternative. Maybe there are ways of making your present work more interesting. If nothing else be grateful you have a job and give thanks for your colleagues. As always, attitude of mind dictates results so stay thankful and positive, expecting great opportunities to unfold and guaranteed they will.

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