Thursday, 6 August 2015

Poem: 'Warrior For Love'- Blessings to my beautiful friend Wize-Dome

Phillip Peters aka Wize-Dome has been my friend for many years and whilst suffering greatly with Sickle Cell Anaemia, is living a courageous life. Being highly artistic he engages in writing, drawing, gardening and even cake decorating. On top of this Wize-Dome is first and foremost a family man. When working as a presenter for Buffaloo Radio I wrote this poem and was surprised to find that despite reciting it repeatedly, I have not previously shared it on Its Braap . As Wize Dome is extremely unwell today it's a great opportunity to expose his amazing qualities. I'll send him some mega vibrations of love and blessings and whenever you read this poem, please do the same.

Warrior for love
Poem dedicated to my friend Philip Peters aka Wize Dome The Lyricist

Sickle cell warrior
Lone star amongst  5000 Facebook friends
Heart beating strongly in protest
Whilst electrifying pain tells the thinking brain
I don’t want to take the strain
But everytime in crisis your answer’s the same
‘Live Life-Love Life’
And every ounce of pain you counteract with love
Full love and appreciation of your nearest and dearest
A clear inspiration standing tall
As tall as the flowers in your garden
Head held high so your spirit can fly
With a heart as pure and wholesome as the fruit and veg you tend
Shining example promoting faith, wisdom and understanding
Wize-Dome, I am privileged to call you ‘Friend’

Jaz McKenzie © 2014
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