Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Give Thanks~Feel Joyful WK 34- Appreciating Good Health


How healthy are you? Some people we meet seem incredibly fit and hardly ever become ill. So if this is you, be sure to give thanks regularly and do not become complacent.The rest of us seem to face different challenges regarding our health and fitness levels- which includes our enthusiasm for the subject and on a scale of 0-10 I'm somewhere in the middle! I admire people who always seem to be on the go, making time for family, friends, exercise, work and play- BUT HOW? This really is quite a challenge to us mere mortals!

As with everything else it’s a question of assessing your lifestyle and applying some creative thinking to resolve the issue. First point: we all have 24 hours in a day and whereas people like Will-I-Am seem able to exist on 4 hours sleep a night enabling 20 full working hours, for many of us this not possible. We all have different body clocks and whereas the body clock of a genius often manages well on a disciplined routine including limited sleep, the rest of us struggle. Let's just pay our respects here to the pure geniuses such as Michael jackson who required heaps of approved medication to keep them ticking over- how good it is to not be famous or have a mega gruelling schedule.

The question is: ‘How do you feel about yourself?’ 

If you feel great and are thankful for the good in your life it easier to stay on top of your health and other important aspects. If you don't, or just face a couple of minor challenges, the first consideration is always about getting the right balance for you. It really doesn’t matter what other people manage to achieve, it’s important to know what is realistic for you. This encompasses practical concerns and also your energy levels. Physical exercise is important and we should try to include workable amounts within our hectic schedule. Not all exercise needs to be strenuous, some people find yoga works well for them. Personally a trip to the swimming pool once or twice a week suits me as do some longer walks. We all know that exercise is vital for good health so definitely need to make time for it even on a basic level.

Those of  you who have young families are often juggling with many different considerations from after school activities to busy work schedules. All those trips between nursery, school and clubs eat into your time- and of course, speaking of which, families still need to eat, so healthy meals really should be on the menu which take time to prepare. Even when you don’t have dependents at either end of the scale our time can still appear limited and cooking for just one person is very challenging- if you don't sort out portion control one pot could last week! 

Back to the joy of exercising- apparently exercises can be fitted into our routines with ease- cough splutter this doesn't come easily to me!. Those times when we are sitting we could be flexing and stretching- if you get into the swing of this you can strengthen your joints and do this naturally. Making time for meditation and other mindful practices is also important so that we can keep a clear head. Through allocating time for such practices we free even more time as we become less stressed, so our minds are able to think clearly rather than spinning in circles. Cutting out our quiet times can be counter-productive.

Diet is a monumental factor where good health is concerned. There are many statistics that show what an unhealthy lifestyle the majority of us lead. But how do you feel? Are your clothes too tight or too loose? Underweight can be as concerning as overweight at times. Do you get out of breath quickly or tire easily? These could be symptomatic of smoking, drinking too much alcohol or a bad diet. I think too many hours on the computer leads to eye ache, head ache and exhaustion. In current society we develop symptoms that are the result of stress and anxiety. There are many excellent sources of help and advice however we need to acknowledge the problem first- denial is very common as many of us don’t wish to face our ‘failures.’ 

Sometimes we just need to find something to motivate us in order to make that change, along with a few supportive people to encourage us. Our will power may need a little push and is often quite good initially, tailoring off further down the line. This is why it is good to form new habits and create a different focus as opposed to simply concentrating on the problem. If the computer is a problem it might be simple enough to swap your routine and instigate breaks between sessions. Change can be slow so you really need to have a fast growing focus! Once again find something to suit the situation. If you manage to free up some cash, pop it in a pot whereby you can see it increase and be sure to have a target. Targets are always a good form of self encouragement.

Finally, develop your own plan. Why pay a fortune for someone else’s ideas when you can come up with your own programme? Everyone knows exercise, healthy eating and relaxation are necessary for good health so you don’t need expensive diets or gym membership. Find a friend and work it out yourselves- could prove to be a great deal more fun!

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