Sunday, 18 October 2015

Give Thanks~ Feel Joyful Week 38- Magpies!!


Here's a subject you weren't expecting! It’s a strange thing, everytime I walk across Tooting Bec Common I see a magpie. Unusually, on every occasion this week I have seen just one and when I looked out of my window a few seconds ago, one magpie was strolling across a shed roof. In the past, one magpie has remained solitary for a minute or two before being joined by more magpies however recently this has ceased to happen. As I am currently tuning into the signs nature presents and thinking about their meaning in my life, I took this as a clear indication for consideration.

Society is full of superstitions and old wives tales which affect our beliefs and behaviours. I have blogged magpies previously as an example of my refusal to believe in such superstitions- I’ll have to read that again later! (Link) My current thinking is that an element of common sense may lie in some beliefs however others were initially manufactured for whatever reason!

Back to magpies- one for sorrow, two for joy! I do not believe that seeing one magpie will bring sadness and two magpies brings happiness. We decide how we approach each day and need to take control of our moods and circumstances, making the most of everything and uplifting ourselves in a bid to feel supremely happy.

One magpie- well, let’s consider the magpie! A magnificent bird, quite austere, whose black and white feathers are guaranteed to catch your eye. Black and white: be non- discriminatory and highly focused as grey areas could cloud your judgement. Magpies always seem purposeful, stopping temporarily to peck at the ground before cocking their heads and hopping or flying away. They are not the kind of bird I notice sitting around on a branch. Maybe that’s just me but I think of magpies primarily as active creatures- another good trait. According to folklore magpies are attracted to shiny objects. I haven’t seen a magpie carrying shiny objects but as this jumped into my mind I’ll assume the key point is to keep my eyes on the prize.

A solitary magpie- I believe the main lesson is to be complete within yourself. We are here to serve ourselves and our life purpose- the true meaning of self-service! We act as individuals within our communities and the universe as a whole. 

Being a bird, a magpie cannot over-think life, instead he sticks to the programme and these lessons in simplicity are helpful to me. It is not easy to ‘allow’ life. Instead of going with the flow we can complicate matters and paddle upstream for a bit instead of having the easier ride the universe has planned for us. Now, this is not about choosing the easy options and failing to take risks, it’s about failing to trust gut instinct and ignoring the signs.

I haven’t researched magpies as I’m literally following my thought process to see what lessons need to be conveyed and have concluded that I am following the right path in the right space and place in time- love that saying! The solo magpies are acting as an acknowledgement and a reminder of the importance of self and self-fulfilment. Partners and partnerships are great however we must never put the responsibility for our happiness or progress on someone else’s shoulders. Live for today, give thanks and give the best of yourself, all manner of good will follow!

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